'Files' "Windows Network" is empty.

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Hello Everyone, I'm coming from a Microsoft background and I've installed Fedora 27 on my Laptop (Lenovo 320s) which works great.

The issue which I am trying to tackle is this, I've got a main PC in my home which runs Windows 10 PRO, on that computer I have few shares which I access from my other devices.

After I've installed Fedora 27 on my laptop I've tried to access my shares via the 'Files' [Nautilus] application. When the message "Loading smb:///" is over I'm greeted with "Folder is empty".


But, when I access the shares via 'connect to a server' and state the full path it works great and I can connect my shares (even added it to fstab to get automount at boot with seperate secure file for credentials). but still I can't see anything when I try to traverse via the gui to the windows network.

Screen 2

Weird part is using Mint\Ubuntu Live USB I can see everything without any issue. tried to make sure that smb.conf is configured with the correct workgroup name but still nothing help.

I will appreciate any fresh point of view to assist me on this case.


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I have installed Fedora 27 workstation on my laptop and for some reason, I can connect to my Ubuntu file server (smb) with no issues using the "connect to server" but nautilus refuses to show any of my shares. I can access my shares with windows 10, Linux mint, Ubuntu, and most other distributions, but unable to access the shares through browsing the network through Nautilus. Any suggestions from anyone?

krystalsavage gravatar imagekrystalsavage ( 2018-02-05 13:15:17 -0600 )edit