Turn off adaptive brightness for login screen?

asked 2018-01-27 08:30:54 -0600

rizii gravatar image

Hi all! I'm running Fedora 27 on a Lenovo Yoga 710, and everything works well except for the adaptive brightness, which when on, causes the screen brightness to change every second.

This itself isn't a problem, as I can turn simply turn adaptive brightness off, but I can't figure out how to turn it off globally -- so adaptive brightness is still on on the login screen. Any idea how to fix this? Thanks!

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How do you turn off adaptive brightness? I can't find a way to turn it off even non globally. I am on an Asus ux305

Erik Davtyan gravatar imageErik Davtyan ( 2018-01-28 19:51:54 -0600 )edit