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is there a way to reduce the screen while installing

asked 2018-01-20 07:51:02 -0600

starbuck gravatar image

i find installing the server on a hp proliant ml110 g4 impossible because the resolution is nothing near the screen size i have. the screen is usable with either 1440x900 wide or 1280x1024 4:3 - yet the standard size prevents me seeing more than 1/4 and no way to scroll left or right with arrow buttons and the mouse only goes as far as the physical screen not the whole interface display. my question is, how to i resize the interactive installer screen to fit either of the 2 above so i can install without having to abort due to size putting buttons out of reach - the servers display driver is not optional and really could do with a remake so users can choose size, maybe a left/right hand option too as lefties do happen to exist regardless of belief in these matters.

any help is greatly appreciated and thanks in advance (please do not reply with opinions just the facts please)

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answered 2018-01-22 14:42:18 -0600

ssieb gravatar image

What graphics chipset do you have? Press CTRL-ALT-F2 and run export DISPLAY=:1, then xrandr. What resolution does it say you are using and does it show the resolution that you want is available? If so, then run xrandr -s 1440x900 (or whatever you want). If that says it can't change the resolution, then run sleep 5; xrandr -s 1440x900, then quickly press CTRL-ALT-F6 to get back to the installer screen.

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