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wl not working after kernel update to 4.14

asked 2018-01-07 09:22:05 -0500

juha_em gravatar image

I have Broadcom BCM4331 wireless adapter on a MacBook Pro running Fedora 27. I updated, due to Meltdown, to kernel 4.14, after which the braodcom-wl stopped working, gave me a notification about tainted kernel problem: "(kernel version) 4.14.3-300.fc27.x86_64 [...] A kernel problem occurred, but your kernel has been tainted (flags:POE). Explanation: P - Proprietary module has been loaded. O - Out-of-tree module has been loaded. E - Unsigned module has been loaded. Kernel maintainers are unable to diagnose tainted reports. Tainted modules: wl,vboxpci,vboxnetadp,vboxnetflt,vboxdrv."

I tried re-installing

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answered 2018-01-07 19:18:51 -0500

Dagorret gravatar image

What is the module you use? kmod-wl or akmod-wl?

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Oh hell, I came across my own incomplete question while searching for info on this problem again... somehow it had escaped me that there had been a response to this unfinished question that escaped by keyboard. Very sorry. Driver update, I think, solved this for wl. For vbox*, I just removed the now needless VirtualBox installation... I had kmod-wl, but it's now getting removed too with kernel update. Thanks.

juha_em gravatar imagejuha_em ( 2018-03-06 07:55:32 -0500 )edit

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