what boot options for installing fedora 27 on imac

asked 2018-01-06 03:17:50 -0600

noobusinghacks gravatar image

hellol all i currently have and old imac running osx 10.6 and ive got a usb stick with the live version of fedora burt to it. im trying to install it and i can boot to the grub bootloader but whenever i boot from one of the options in the menu the screen image gets all scrambled how can i boot a usable session on this computer preferably without using "crtl-x" ?

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You could try to append nomodeset to the kernel line in grub.

thomaswood gravatar imagethomaswood ( 2018-01-06 06:40:00 -0600 )edit

ok so i pressed e and added nomodeset to the line ther i pressed F10 instead of crtl-x witch got it started now i have the little grey cursor bar blinking in the top left hand corner and i cant see anything what next?

noobusinghacks gravatar imagenoobusinghacks ( 2018-01-18 03:16:24 -0600 )edit

If you have a second Linux machine, you could try vnc option in the kernel param, then connect from the second Linux machine using vncviewer. Graphic driver updates will hopefully fix the issue after the initial install.

martrs gravatar imagemartrs ( 2018-04-10 02:48:05 -0600 )edit