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Wifi blocked. Fedora 27. Asus 1225 B netbook.

asked 2017-12-09 12:15:44 -0500

Michael Black gravatar image

I upgraded my Asus 1225B to run on an SSD drive and installed Fedora 26 as the operating system. Everything except the wifi worked straight away. Connecting using a cable worked properly

Fedora 27 became available so I upgraded to that, but encountered the same Wifi problem.

The problem is hardware related. There are two ways of (hardware) switching wifi on for this netbook, a rocker switch just below the screen hinge [ which didn't work in Windows 7 ] and pressing Fn and F2 simultaneously. Both of these switches now toggle airplane mode on and off under Fedora, but leave the actual wifi switched off.

The problem is not confined to Fedora and is mentioned on forums for Mint Arch and Ubuntu in relation to the Asus 1225B. Owners of other laptops / netbooks report similar problems.

I tried several solutions suggested on the Fedora Forum and elsewhere on the internet. rfkill reported the wifi to be hard blocked, but was not succesful in changing it. I checked and found that wifi was enabled in Bios.

The solution suggested on this forum by Maryyy for Fedora 20 didn't work.

I tried blacklisting the asus wifi module, but all that did was to put the netbook into permanent (unswitchable) airplane mode.

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answered 2017-12-09 12:16:55 -0500

Michael Black gravatar image

The only solution was to buy a 'nano' USB wifi adapter. This works under Fedora 27 without an additional driver installation. The only change I had to make to the netbook was to disable the onboard wifi to stop it interfering.

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