How do I fix the panel bar that is not displaying right?

asked 2017-12-05 17:41:25 -0600

I wasn't quite sure how to word my question due the fact that I can't even explain that well what is happening to my panel bar. Long story short, the panel doesn't display correctly and I've tried deleting the panel and making another one but the same thing happens with the new panel. It started happening today and I was using Fedora 26 this morning but upgraded to Fedora 27 in hopes it would fix which it hasn't. I've provided two links below showing my issue. The 1st link shows what it looks like on the bottom edge of the screen and the 2nd link shows it on the left screen edge which is considerably worse.

Any idea on how I should go about fixing this?

Links: Panel on the bottom edge of the screen.

Panel on the left edge of the screen.

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