application hangs in libvirt guest after pasting data

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since upgrading my fedora-workstation from 26 to 27, i got a strange issue with copy and paste. My setup is as follows: I'm using the KDE spin and i am working mostly within virtual machines. The hypervisor is kvm managed by libvirt, the desktop client is virt-manager and virt-viewer. The guests are configured to use virtio where possible (video, nic, disk, serial) and spice. Inside the guest vdagent is running.

The problem i have is pasting data within a virtual machine. Sometimes it works as intended but most of the times the application i pasted data into hangs for about up to a minute. The same is true if i want to view the clipboard contents in the plasma systray application after copying some data. The data i copy are mostly text from a terminal, eclipse, or a browser. I tried to narrow the cause of this down: after stopping the spice-vdagentd service as well as killing the user process, pasting worked like a charm. But i don't want to go without for (hopefully) obvious reasons.

This does not happen on the host. Only the guest operation systems are affected. Also to the ones i did not upgrade to fedora 27, yet.

Installed spice packages on the host:

$ dnf list '*spice*'
spice-glib.x86_64       0.34-1.fc27     @fedora 
spice-gtk3.x86_64       0.34-1.fc27     @fedora 
spice-server.x86_64     0.14.0-1.fc27   @updates
spice-vdagent.x86_64    0.17.0-4.fc27   @fedora 

Any help is very much appreciated!

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