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How to fix 3 packages kf5-* that dnf update is 'Skipping packages with broken dependencies'

asked 2017-10-09 03:50:51 -0600

login2fedoraproject gravatar image

updated 2017-10-09 04:12:44 -0600

from dnf output:

Skipping packages with broken dependencies:
 kf5-frameworkintegration         x86_64    5.36.0-2.el7       epel       1.5 M
 kf5-frameworkintegration-libs    x86_64    5.36.0-2.el7       epel        30 k
 kf5-kdeclarative                 x86_64    5.36.0-2.el7       epel       266 k

I attempted to simply remove them but his generated a very large dependency tree:

[root@k8 admin]# dnf remove kf5-frameworkintegration.x86_64 kf5-frameworkintegration-libs.x86_64 kf5-kdeclarative.x86_64 
Dependencies resolved.
 Package                               Arch       Version                     Repository             Size
 kf5-frameworkintegration              x86_64     5.36.0-1.fc26               @@commandline         1.6 M
 kf5-frameworkintegration-libs         x86_64     5.36.0-1.fc26               @@commandline          62 k
 kf5-kdeclarative                      x86_64     5.36.0-1.fc26               @@commandline         920 k
Removing dependent packages:
 akonadi-import-wizard                 x86_64     17.04.1-1.fc26              @@commandline         1.5 M
 akregator                             x86_64     17.04.1-1.fc26              @@commandline         3.9 M
 akregator-libs                        x86_64     17.04.1-1.fc26              @@commandline         1.9 M
 apper                                 x86_64     0.9.3-0.8.20170226.fc26     @@commandline         1.6 M
 appstream-qt                          x86_64     0.11.5-4.fc26               @updates              204 k
 colord-kde                            x86_64     0.5.0-4.fc26                @@commandline         886 k
 dolphin                               x86_64     17.04.1-1.fc26              @@commandline         6.4 M
 dolphin-libs                          x86_64     17.04.1-1.fc26              @@commandline         1.7 M
 grantlee-editor                       x86_64     17.04.1-1.fc26              @@commandline         1.1 M
 grantlee-editor-libs                  x86_64     17.04.1-1.fc26              @@commandline         132 k
 k3b                                   x86_64     1:17.04.3-2.fc26            @updates               28 M
 k3b-extras-freeworld                  x86_64     1:17.04.1-1.fc26            @@commandline          32 k
 k3b-libs                              x86_64     1:17.04.3-2.fc26            @updates              2.9 M
 kaddressbook                          x86_64     17.04.1-1.fc26              @@commandline         735 k
 kaddressbook-libs                     x86_64     17.04.1-1.fc26              @@commandline         511 k
 kamera                                x86_64     16.12.3-1.fc26              @@commandline         247 k
 kate-plugins                          x86_64     17.04.1-1.fc26              @@commandline         6.7 M
 kde-cli-tools                         x86_64     5.10.5-1.fc26               @updates              3.4 M
 kde-gtk-config                        x86_64     5.10.5-1.fc26               @updates              713 k
 kde-print-manager                     x86_64     16.12.3-1.fc26              @@commandline         667 k
 kde-print-manager-libs                x86_64     16.12.3-1.fc26              @@commandline         527 k
 kde-settings-plasma                   noarch     26-1.fc26                   @@commandline         7.0 k
 kdegames-minimal                      noarch     6:4.14.3-4.fc26             @@commandline           0  
 kdepim-addons                         x86_64     17.04.1-1.fc26              @@commandline         6.6 M
 kdepim-apps-libs                      x86_64     17.04.1-1.fc26              @@commandline         645 k
 kdepim-runtime                        x86_64     1:17.04.1-2.fc26            @@commandline          12 M
 kdepim-runtime-libs                   x86_64     1:17.04.1-2.fc26            @@commandline         886 k
 kdeplasma-addons                      x86_64     5.10.5-1.fc26               @updates              7.2 M
 kf5-akonadi-calendar                  x86_64     17.04.1-1.fc26              @@commandline         1.9 M
 kf5-akonadi-search                    x86_64     17.04.1-1.fc26              @@commandline         1.0 M
 kf5-calendarsupport                   x86_64     17.04.1-1.fc26              @@commandline         2.9 M
 kf5-eventviews                        x86_64     17.04.1-1.fc26              @@commandline         2.9 M
 kf5-incidenceeditor                   x86_64     17.04.1-1.fc26              @@commandline         2.6 M
 kf5-kcalendarutils                    x86_64     17.04.1-1.fc26              @@commandline         1.7 M
 kf5-kcmutils                          x86_64     5.36.0-1.fc26               @@commandline         1.3 M
 kf5-kidentitymanagement               x86_64     17.04.1-1.fc26              @@commandline         385 k
 kf5-kmailtransport                    x86_64     17.04.1-1.fc26              @@commandline         1.2 M
 kf5-kmailtransport-akonadi            x86_64     17.04.1-1.fc26              @@commandline         104 k
 kf5-kpimtextedit                      x86_64     17.04.1-1.fc26              @@commandline         988 k
 kf5-kross-ui                          x86_64     5.36.0-1.fc26               @@commandline         795 k
 kf5-krunner                           x86_64     5.36.0-1.fc26               @@commandline         238 k
 kf5-ktnef                             x86_64     17.04.1-1 ...
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1 Answer

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answered 2017-10-09 05:32:10 -0600

villykruse gravatar image

You should not have enabled the epel repository. It is incompatible with fedora and only suitable for RHEL and Centos systems.

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I disabled epel then 'dnf autoremove' was able to clean up the rest. :-)

login2fedoraproject gravatar imagelogin2fedoraproject ( 2017-10-09 05:56:44 -0600 )edit

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