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Is it possible to use Fedora 25 with Radeon 3000 HD?

asked 2017-09-30 06:10:03 -0500

hms10 gravatar image

Can I use Fedora 25 with Radeon 3000 HD? If not, what is the latest Fedora version compatible with Radeon 3000 HD?

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answered 2017-10-01 05:34:11 -0500

ozeszty gravatar image

Yes, it should work fine, unless there's been some regression recently. It should also work similarly on Fedora 26 and succeeding releases. It's a GPU from R600 family, supported by open source drivers and working out of the box. Last year I've briefly run Cinnamon Spin without any issues on motherboard with this GPU integrated.

Anyway, with Linux you can always create a Live bootable USB and use it to install system, but also to check how it's going to run on your hardware, before installation.

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