Seahorse shows no keyrings

asked 2017-09-29 14:02:21 -0600

drdec gravatar image

Seahorse does not show any keyrings nor can I create a keyring when I try File->New. All that is listed for items to create is "PGP Key", "Private Key" and "Secure Shell Key". My PGP and SSH keys are shown in the GUI as expected. My ~/.local/share/keyrings/ directory seems fine:

$ ls -l ~/.local/share/keyrings/
total 568
-rw-------. 1 ray ray 575433 Sep 29 14:41 login.keyring
-rw-------. 1 ray ray    207 May 25  2014 user.keystore

I have the same issue as in question 108689, which is what lead me to discover this. None of the suggestions in that question helped me.

Please advise.

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