Openshift: Checking container networking ... FAIL

asked 2017-07-27 15:19:31 -0500

Akanksha gravatar image

$ oc cluster up

-- Checking OpenShift client ... OK -- Checking Docker client ... OK -- Checking Docker version ... OK -- Checking for existing OpenShift container ... OK -- Checking for openshift/origin:v1.5.1 image ... OK -- Checking Docker daemon configuration ... OK -- Checking for available ports ... WARNING: Binding DNS on port 8053 instead of 53, which may not be resolvable from all clients. -- Checking type of volume mount ... Using nsenter mounter for OpenShift volumes -- Creating host directories ... OK -- Finding server IP ... Using as the server IP -- Starting OpenShift container ... Creating initial OpenShift configuration Starting OpenShift using container 'origin' Waiting for API server to start listening OpenShift server started -- Adding default OAuthClient redirect URIs ... OK -- Installing registry ... OK -- Installing router ... OK -- Importing image streams ... OK -- Importing templates ... OK -- Login to server ... OK -- Creating initial project "myproject" ... OK -- Removing temporary directory ... OK -- Checking container networking ... FAIL Error: containers cannot communicate with the OpenShift master Details: The cluster was started. However, the container networking test failed. Solution: Ensure that access to ports tcp/8443 and udp/53 is allowed on You may need to open these ports on your machine's firewall. Caused By: Error: Docker run error rc=1 Details: Image: openshift/origin:v1.5.1 Entrypoint: [/bin/bash] Command: [-c echo 'Testing connectivity to master API' && curl -s -S -k && echo 'Testing connectivity to master DNS server' && for i in {1..10}; do if curl -s -S -k https://kubernetes.default.svc.cluste... ; then exit 0; fi; sleep 1; done; exit 1] Output: Testing connectivity to master API Error Output: curl: (7) Failed connect to; No route to host

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