How to upgrade/fix a kernel while running another kernel?

asked 2017-07-07 22:15:52 -0600

I am very new to Fedora and Linux in general. I have a couple ideas I would like to perform but I do not know how and I am not sure if it is even possible. First of all, I am using Fedora from an external hard drive. Every time I boot Fedora, I get three different Kernels


It usually loads the latest which is 4.11.8 but today after an OS update, I kept getting the following errors when I tried to boot up again.

No caching mode page present

Assuming drive cache: write through

So after I tried to lookup for a solution on the web, I gave up and booted from the previous version, 4.11.7. Now, I am trying to finish upgrading the 4.11.8 Kernel or fix the issue while I am in 4.11.7. Is this even possible?

I am afraid that if I try to upgrade the one I am using right now (4.11.7) I am going to break it and end up with two broke Kernels.

I appreciate all the help.

Thank you!

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