Fedora 25 on VirtualBox - mouse offset when 2nd display enabled

asked 2017-06-27 12:19:09 -0600

I installed Fedora 25 as VirtualBox guest on a Windows 10 host. VirtualBox is at its (currently) latest version (5.1.22). I installed the ExtraPack of VirtualBox and the GuestAdditions in the Fedora guest. On the Windows host 2 screens are connected.

When I use the "default" Gnome environment (Wayland I guess), so just without changing anything at login, whenever I enable the second Virtual Screen on VirtualBox, the mouse is affected by a sort of "offset" in the 1st screen (it clicks ~100 pixels right of where the cursor is), making the environment unusable. The issue disappears as soon as the second Virtual Screen is disabled again.

After some fiddling, I've noticed that if I select "Gnome xOrg" at login, everything works correctly; i can enable and disable the second Virtual Screen as I wish, and it works. I prefer the default Fedora 25 Gnome byfar, though, since it's much smoother and it seems to be faster, even as a VirtualBox guest.

So, at the moment I'm just "solving" the issue by using Gnome with xOrg, but is there any solution to this? Exploring onlone, it seems that it's an issue with the new Fedora desktop environment and other users had the same exact issue and symptoms. Is there either any chance of dealing with this in future Fedora updates?

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