Lag When Updating DNF

asked 2017-06-11 02:05:07 -0600

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I am running a GTX 1050 ti and 12 gigs of ram. I can run pretty much any game on high-ultra settings so it is not my specs. I have a fresh installation of a dual boot Fedora 25 but it has a 1024x768 resolution. I looked up some fixes and ended up finding one where I installed drivers for my gpu and when I restart I have the new 1920x1080 resolution but it is very laggy and freezes every 2 seconds. I then reinstalled and tried a different method of installing new drivers. I ran this command to the console sudo dnf update and then restarted my computer and instantly got a new 1920x1080 resolution but am still getting the lag. Any fix?

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What video drivers? rpm, akmod, proprietary? need more details to make an educated guess as to the problem. I run proprietary on gtx 970 with cinnamon as desktop and have no lag. what desktop are you running? wayland does not have complete support in fedora as of yet, from nvidia, might disable wayland and let it run X to see if that helps.

SteveEbey73701 gravatar imageSteveEbey73701 ( 2017-06-11 08:04:13 -0600 )edit