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iwlwifi 0000:03:00.0: ACTIVATE a non DRIVER active station id 0

asked 2012-07-16 00:59:07 -0600

sam1icdr gravatar image

updated 2012-07-18 04:45:06 -0600

hello all, today when i boot up my fedora 17 x64, i realized that it won't boot up. It freeze at boot screen with fedora logo at the center of the screen. i tried to see the message by pressing "up arrow" key in keyboard and i saw "iwlwifi 0000:03:00.0: ACTIVATE a non DRIVER active station id 0 addr f4:ec:38:f2:6d:56" what is this message means ? is "iwlwifi" means intel wireless wifi ? what should i do next ? :(

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answered 2012-07-17 09:55:53 -0600

sam1icdr gravatar image

my own problem is not wifi but the graphic driver indeed :) i last i knew before that problem cause is that i installed virtualbox. after i've searched around the net and found on a forum. solution is just rename "xorg.conf" in "/etc/X11/" to something. (my system have xorg.conf.d) so i use this command in textmode with root access : mv /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d /etc/X11/ and reboot. All my problem gone. :) here is the link i found : - Repair fedora without reinstalling it

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