problem with fc25 upgrade from fc23

asked 2017-03-28 08:16:35 -0600

george gravatar image


I tried to upgrade to fc25 from fc23. For this, I gave the following command at the terminal

sudo dnf system-upgrade download --refresh --disablerepo=google* --disablerepo=adobe* --disablerepo=opera* --allowerasing --nogpgcheck --releasever=25

After this, all the packages were downloaded and showed to me the running test check and other things and then told me to reboot to upgrade. So I rebooted using sudo dnf system-upgrade reboot. The system restarted from old kernel and in a black screen, displayed "the system is upgrading. Please wait for a while" and I waited for some time. Then instead upgrading it rebooted again from old fc23 kernel and went to my login page. I Could see some error message such as fedora root not cleared or something like this.

What can be done to solve this?

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