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help booting live media on MacBook Pro 8,2? (hoping for dual boot)

asked 2017-03-22 17:08:50 -0600

allencmcbride gravatar image

I have a MacBook Pro 8,2 (early 2011). It's running macOS Sierra, and I would like to dual boot Fedora 25. I currently have 400GB free space on the drive, but can put a partition there if it would help.

I'm trying to follow the instructions here. I already made the mistake of trying to use a DVD, but that seems to not work because I was booting with CSM-BIOS. I mention this because I had no trouble getting GNOME or Anaconda running graphically, and also I've done a successful single-boot install via DVD on this machine. Now I'm trying a USB installer created with Fedora Media Writer, so I'm booting with EFI.

Trying to boot normally, I just get a white screen. If I go to tty3 and then back to tty1, I can see various normal startup messages followed by "vgaswitcheroo: client 0 refused switch" and then "vgaswitcheroo: client 101 refused switch". I also tried Troubleshooting mode, which did not lead to the white screen or the error messages, but showed a lot of successful-looking OK startup messages and then just sat there with the messages on the screen. (I cannot get to the other tty's in this state.)

This seems somewhat reminiscent of this old F20 bug, the discussion of which is largely over my head. But I tried putting nomodeset in the boot options for my USB live media. But I couldn't proceed because the control key wasn't registering in that state, so I just kept typing "x" when I wanted to press Ctrl-x to boot.

Following Chris Murphy's prior suggestion, here is the link resulting from cat /var/log/anaconda/program.log | fpaste, here is the link from cat /var/log/anaconda/anaconda.log, and here is the output from efibootmgr -v:

BootCurrent: 0000
Timeout: 5 seconds
BootOrder: 0080
Boot0080*   PciRoot(0x0)/Pci(0x1f,0x2)/Sata(0,0,0)/HD(3,GPT,7c6a6cc4-f3e4-4792-a4a0-a8f1a2163d3f,0x574107a8,0x135f20)/File(\System\Library\CoreServices\boot.efi)
Boot0082*   PciRoot(0x0)/Pci(0x1f,0x2)/Sata(0,0,0)/HD(3,GPT,7c6a6cc4-f3e4-4792-a4a0-a8f1a2163d3f,0x574107a8,0x135f20)
BootFFFF*   PciRoot(0x0)/Pci(0x1f,0x2)/Sata(0,0,0)/HD(3,GPT,7c6a6cc4-f3e4-4792-a4a0-a8f1a2163d3f,0x574107a8,0x135f20)/File(\System\Library\CoreServices\boot.efi)

Thanks for your help!

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3 Answers

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answered 2017-03-30 23:13:20 -0600

cmurf gravatar image

Starting with Fedora 25, there's now switcheroo-control.service enabled by default, and will switch from Radeon to i915 automatically at startup. However, alsa-state.service prevents the switch on this Mac model, and we get garbled graphics out of the box. The easy work around is to add this as a kernel parameter, this is best when booting live media and editing the first menu entry:


Or you can do this from a VT shell once you've booted an installed system:

systemctl mask alsa-state

The more exhaustive troubleshooting and explanation is in this bug report.

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Thank you! Sorry I just now saw your response. This worked. I hadn’t been able to get the radeon card disabled before so I had to disable intel graphics instead... having vgaswitcheroo working is better than I had hoped for.

allencmcbride gravatar imageallencmcbride ( 2017-04-07 15:18:23 -0600 )edit

answered 2017-03-29 09:26:04 -0600

allencmcbride gravatar image

Fixed it. To get past the grub boot option without working control key: F10. To EFI boot live media, nomodeset. To EFI boot after installation, radeon.modeset=1 i915.modeset=0 radeon.dpm=1 (from ).

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answered 2017-03-30 22:43:08 -0600

subpop gravatar image

I'm not sure how much has changed since Fedora 22, but I wrote up some notes on installing Fedora 22 on a MacBookPro8,2. I never got both cards working, but did figure out how to at least disable the discrete GPU to allow the integrated GPU to drive the main display.

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Thanks! If it hadn't been for the yet better option that Fedora 25 offers as explained by cmurf, this would have been exactly what I needed next.

allencmcbride gravatar imageallencmcbride ( 2017-04-07 15:19:35 -0600 )edit

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