How do I create a SSH and GPG keys in Fedora 25

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I'm relatively new to Fedora and Linux and I'm curently running Fedora 25 on my HP 15 Notebook PC. I've been hearing about SSH and GPG keys and I would like a good explanation about:

1) What they are and why they are so important in Linux?

2) Their differences and similarities?

3) How to successfully create them?

4) How to prevent errors in using them?

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Those are not really Fedora-related questions, especially not 1.) and 2.), but more Linux/ssh and gpg in general. Google finds all answers to your questions, I just tried it.

In short: ssh keys are used for authentication on a remote system. gpg can be used to encrypt files and emails

Nonetheless, here are some links that explain stuff a bit: ssh on Arch Wiki

generate SSH keys, DigitalOcean

gpg wikipedia

florian gravatar imageflorian ( 2017-03-06 12:37:08 -0600 )edit