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How to launch "Media Writer" from the terminal?

asked 2017-02-12 06:13:46 -0500

wolfv gravatar image

I have been using Fedora 24 for a few months. Now the system "Applications" menu is empty, which makes me think the system or Gnome is messed up. So I am attempting a clean install of Fedora 25.

For most cases, the best tool to create a Fedora USB stick is the Fedora Media Writer. So I installed "Fedora Media Writer" on Fedora 24 from the terminal:

$ su -c 'dnf install mediawriter' Password: Last metadata expiration check: 0:28:37 ago on Sun Feb 12 03:34:58 2017. Dependencies resolved. ================================================================================ Package Arch
Version Repository
Size ================================================================================ Installing: mediawriter
x8664 4.0.7-0.fc24
updates 2.7 M qt5-qtquickcontrols x86
5.6.2-1.fc24 updates 928 k

Transaction Summary ================================================================================ Install 2 Packages

Total download size: 3.6 M Installed size: 8.5 M Is this ok [y/N]: y Downloading Packages: (1/2): qt5-qtquickcontrols-5.6.2-1.fc24.x8664. 74 kB/s | 928 kB 00:12 (2/2): mediawriter-4.0.7-0.fc24.x8664.rpm
118 kB/s | 2.7 MB 00:23
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Total
153 kB/s | 3.6 MB 00:24
Running transaction check Transaction check succeeded. Running transaction test Transaction test succeeded. Running transaction Installing : qt5-qtquickcontrols-5.6.2-1.fc24.x8664 1/2 Installing : mediawriter-4.0.7-0.fc24.x8664
2/2 Verifying : mediawriter-4.0.7-0.fc24.x8664
1/2 Verifying : qt5-qtquickcontrols-5.6.2-1.fc24.x86
64 2/2

Installed: mediawriter.x8664 4.0.7-0.fc24 qt5-qtquickcontrols.x8664 5.6.2-1.fc24


The instructions on say,

To run the tool, look for Fedora Media Writer in the system menus.

But my systems menus is empty. Is there a way to launch "Media Writer" from the command line? Where is "Media Writer" installed on Fedora?

Thank you.

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2 Answers

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answered 2017-02-12 06:58:58 -0500

vtrefny gravatar image

updated 2017-02-12 06:59:30 -0500

You can run it simply using command mediawriter.

Generally, if you don't know how to start application installed from a package, you can try:

  • Look to /usr/share/applications folder. If package installs a desktop file it will be placed here. It contains name of the application, description, icon etc. and also command to run it.
  • apropos something -- this will try to find commands that have 'something' in name or descritpion (it uses man pages and mediawriter doesn't have a man page so it wouldn't help here, but it's usually very usefull)
  • rpm -ql package_name -- this will list all files in an installed package. Files placed in /bin, /usr/bin or /usr/local/bin are executable files and you can run them directly from terminal by just typing their name.
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answered 2017-02-12 07:02:53 -0500

Just type /usr/bin/mediawriter in a terminal. That should start the application.

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