kernel cypress M6116 corrupts filesystem and partition table

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I have an issue which is kind of grave. I bought an external hard drive case with an ID Super Top M6116 SATA Bridge (USB ID 14cd:6116). The problem is that the driver is not working correctly and corrupts the information send to the hard drive. First, I thought that the hard drive was bad but it was not. The external drive work correctly in Windows XP with the generic mass storage controller. I investigated further and found a posting on the Arch Linux forum referring to the same issues I have. I also have the same issue on Gentoo as well. It seams to affect all upstream kernels.

Link to the forum discussion.

The issue comes from a patch applied to the kernel called unusual_cypress.h The last device added is the one I have and that causes the problem.

UNUSUAL_DEV( 0x14cd, 0x6116, 0x0000, 0x9999,
    "Super Top",
    "USB 2.0  SATA BRIDGE",

The devide information is following ...

$ lsusb -vd 14cd:6116
  idVendor           0x14cd Super Top
  idProduct          0x6116 M6116 SATA Bridge
  bcdDevice          2.20

People in the forum offered the solution to remove the line which affect the cypress driver. Unfortunately, Fedora comes with a per-compiled kernel. I tried to blacklist ums_cypress module but the drive became unaccessible. My question is following, is there a way to run without the cypress driver and use a generic mass storage driver like Windows does until this issue is fixed? I would appreciate any information how to overcome the problem without compiling a new kernel myself.

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You should really file a bug on this. You've already provided good information to get the kernel maintainers started.

randomuser gravatar imagerandomuser ( 2013-02-07 18:33:52 -0600 )edit