Can't boot into fedora 25 after deleting it and installing it again

asked 2017-01-17 23:25:35 -0500

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I deleted fedora cause i didn't want the full disk encryption anymore, so i followed these steps:

  1. Deleting the partitions 1.1 Open Disk Management to figure out all the partitions that are related to Linux. 1.2 Press Win + R, type diskmgmt.msc and hit Enter. 1.3 Once you have identified the Linux partitions, delete them. Make sure you don't delete any recovery or system partition(s). 1.4 (Optional) Expand your Windows partition to occupy the free space.

  2. Removing the boot entry from EFI paritition 2.1 Remove the UEFI entry for Linux 2.1.1 Open elevated command prompt 2.1.2 Type bcdedit /enum all to view all boot related entry 2.1.3 Copy and paste the UUID of the entry. Select - Right Click 2.1.4 Type bcdedit /delete {UUID} 2.2 Remove the boot files for Linux 2.2.1 Find the EFI partition containing the Linux Installation 2.2.2 Inside the command prompt, type: diskpart list vol sel vol X (Replace X with the volume number of the EFI partition) assign letter = Z: exit 2.2.3 Delete the directory: Z:\EFI(Name-of-the-Linux-Distribution) by typing: rmdir /S Z:\EFI(Name-of-the-Linux-Distribution)

then I installed it again, everything worked fine i went into windows 10 and then rebooted after that fedora never showed up again in the boot loader please help me

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Did you check if grub was in the boot options menu?

MintExists gravatar imageMintExists ( 2018-03-14 12:38:22 -0500 )edit