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Why are only some updates drpm?

asked 2017-01-15 16:30:37 -0500

porjo gravatar image

Using Fedora 25 where DNF has deltarpm enabled by default, I see only some updates being supplied as delta RPM. For example, this morning the following updates were applied:

Jan 16 07:52:36 INFO Installed: kernel-core-4.9.3-200.fc25.x86_64
Jan 16 07:52:41 INFO Installed: kernel-modules-4.9.3-200.fc25.x86_64
Jan 16 07:52:41 INFO Installed: kernel-4.9.3-200.fc25.x86_64
Jan 16 07:52:46 INFO Upgraded: mediawriter-4.0.8-0.fc25.x86_64
Jan 16 07:52:47 INFO Upgraded: kernel-headers-4.9.3-200.fc25.x86_64
Jan 16 07:52:47 INFO Upgraded: hplip-common-3.16.11-5.fc25.x86_64
Jan 16 07:52:49 INFO Upgraded: doxygen-1:1.8.13-1.fc25.x86_64

Out of those, only hplip-common was a drpm!?

Why aren't all updates drpm? Does it depend on the mirror I use?

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answered 2017-01-15 17:31:28 -0500

mattdm gravatar image

There was a problem with deltarpm generation after the Fedora 25 release. This has been fixed; see commit in Fedora Infrastructure's ansible playbooks here https://infrastructure.fedoraproject....

So, deltarpms should be coming your way for future updates — they will exist between the latest update release and the one that was at release date, and between the latest update and the single previous update if any. Looks like any that were missed in the meantime aren't regenerated, though. In any case, once you're up to date and if you stay up with updates, there should be delta rpms.

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Packages having delta rpms continues to be very hit and miss. Today's updates - 16 packages in total of which only 8 were delta rpms:

porjo gravatar imageporjo ( 2017-02-21 00:29:51 -0500 )edit

answered 2017-01-15 17:20:18 -0500

mrkenhill gravatar image

I'd say that it depends on the package.

Then again - it could be this scenario:

Someone updated dnf and removed a re-direct to /dev/null.

... Just sayin'. Word. Out.


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