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I usually use for the questions. There is a Fedora tag and often the questions I have are not really Fedora specific. Especially keeping in mind that Fedora tries to use the upstream software unmodified, this is more true than for instance of Ubuntu.

The Ask Ubuntu site is neat, but a significant part of the questions have nothing to do with Ubuntu in particular, they are about Bash scripts or upstream software. To me it would make sense to have Fedora questions on (with Fedora tag) and also the Ubuntu questions there (with Ubuntu tag). I do not really understand why Ubuntu needs its own site even though a lot of the questions are relevant for other distributions.

This site here is based on the best intentions and runs open source software. That is great! The fragmentation that is causes seems to hurt the repository of knowledge, though. Since I cannot really judge whether this site or Stack Exchange has better chances of getting my question answered, I would suggest to migrate this to and offer a smoother experience for everybody.