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Puhh, this is some kind of "religion question" mostly answered by personal and very subjective preference. With Fedora you are always state-of-the-art (new kernel versions within one cycle, etc.), this comes with pros and cons.

If you want to run a reliable server, Fedora may not be the best answer, cause of the very up to date and so far not always very well tested software base. But - as mentioned - you can consider CentOS, which comes with many of Fedora's features. In the server world most people are more interested in long term stability and rely on Ubuntu LTS (Long Term Support) versions.

For me personally, Fedora is the way to go because i love Gnome3 since its first release and prefer it over all other available desktop environments. Furthermore, with Fedora most programs are always up to date and perfectly integrated out of the box (in the meaning of notifications and all that little bits and bytes) which makes that whole package so comfortable.

I believe the only way to really answer this question for yourself, is to try it out. Don't be afraid of changes, give it some time and have fun!