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I use these steps: There are in spanish, but technically the steps are:

mkdir xmind
mv xmind-7-update1-linux_amd64.deb
cd xmind
ar -x xmind-7-update1-linux_amd64.deb 
rm -f control.tar.gz debian-binary 
tar xf data.tar.gz 
rm data.tar.gz 
sudo mv usr/lib/xmind /opt/
sudo mv etc/XMind.ini /opt/xmind/
rmdir etc
sed -i 's/XMIND=\/usr\/lib\/Xmind/XMIND=\/opt\/xmind\/Xmind/' usr/bin/XMind
sudo mv usr/bin/XMind /usr/bin/
rmdir usr/bin
sudo cp -R usr/share/* /usr/share/
rm -R usr
cd ..
rm -R xmind/

In the step where you use sed, you can simply edit the file and change the XMIND variable from:




This works with Fedora 23 and Xmind 7.