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Not an answer as such, but the mute button is now working, as is the mic rotation. Tested it exhaustively before and it didn't work, so I'll add a few thoughts in case anyone else hits this.

  • I hadn't used the headset at all under Windows before the first test, so perhaps something reset the hardware or something. Sounds pretty weak, yes, but I suppose it isn't outside the realm of possibility.
  • I've sometimes experienced issues where USB audio device buttons don't work. I have an SB Omni 5.1, and occasionally its hardware controls stop working. Perhaps the answer is replugging the device, which I was pretty sure I'd done in this case but maybe I didn't. Maybe it's also setting it as the default audio device. Or maybe it's the Windows solution, a full reboot. I don't know.

In any case, I think looking for a scancode from the mute button was a red herring, since I'd expected that the mute function would work at a lower level (I.e. killing audio so it couldn't even leave the headset.) But it works now, so I wanted to at least follow up.