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I use CentOS as my desktop as I got frustrated with Fedora instabilities and since I used RedHat before Fedora, and Fedora since the first early release (because of the NPTL kernel - it made huge difference on my workstation), decided to use CentOS... I doubt there will ever be Fedora LTS because Fedora LTS is effectively what CentOS and RedHat EL are.

Advice for you - do not upgrade to the latest version of Fedora. Wait a release or two before upgrading to the next one from what you have. So after Fedora releases 23, upgrade Fedora 21 installation to Fedora 22. That is what I would recommend to everybody. People who claim latest Fedora is stable and never have issues with it are either extremely lucky, or simply they lie about it, or they, like me are power Linux users and solve every problem they encounter after upgrade. Unfortunately, they keep forgetting that there are more "regular" users than power users in the world...

Here is a typical example of a problem after upgrade to the latest Fedora: If you upgrade to Fedora 23, your VirtualBox will be useless as it does not yet support the kernel version. So, you need to downgrade the kernel in order to make your Vagrant VirtualBox-based boxes work again. I am not even going to talk about problems with nVidia drivers whether they support or not latest Linux kernels (this has been major pain in the A* all the time).

So, having all latest software in distribution is actually all nice, but it is definitely not for people like me who want a workstation that "just works". Fedora will never provide that no matter what people say, and no matter how well they test Fedora before release. I always have latest Fedora installed on my workstation, but I boot into it only when I want to test something on the latest release. For serious work, I boot into CentOS 7.

You are not convinced? Next time there is a new Fedora release, come here @, and see what sort of problems people ask about and you will realise that every release has HUGE amount of issues...