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Hi guys,

Maybe I dug out an old post, but I've got hibernate/suspend related problem with my fedora 23 installation.

When it hibernates, everything seems fine, it goes to suspended mode. When wake up, it attempts to resume but it goes to hibernate state again in just a few seconds, no matter if I log back in or not, it just goes back not letting me use the system.

I'm using quite ancient laptop - LG LW-20, with Pentium M 2.00 GHz and 2 gigs of RAM. Everything else works great and snappy. Running xfce with compton windows manager.

Is there any solution to solve my problem? Maybe it's kernel-related as well. I don't know. These are my first steps with fedora, been using ubuntu before. Just thinking of turning off hibernate mode completely, but it's just half the solution here as sometimes I need my laptop to wake up asap when I show something to client.

Please help! :)