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Let's see what is in spark package:

[root@hvlap hedayat]# dnf -C repoquery -l spark
Last metadata expiration check performed 6:53:39 ago on Thu Sep 17 04:24:25 2015.

So, there are no executable files in the main spark package. And as I looked through the spark package dependencies, I feel that you won't find spark launch scripts in Fedora packages. While I think it is reasonable to expect Fedora to ship those scripts too (I recommend opening a feature request bug in Fedora bugzilla ( against spark package; they are not shipped currently. You should be able to download the scripts manually and make them work with Fedora spark installation. However, it seems to me that Spark is mainly an API, and you are mainly expected to write programs using it.

Also, there is no spark binary at all. As can be seen in the link given by @Florian, there are a number of convenient scrips like spark-shell (which Fedora doesn't include), but no spark binary.