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So, this is a question you should be able to answer for yourself with the fstab and mount manual pages. I encourage you to at least look those documents over and come to a thorough understanding of what you're doing here.

As for the process, it is simple, and you are correct about editing the fstab file. The entry you need to make will look something like:

/dev/sda1 /mount/point ext4 defaults 1 1

To test your mount configuration, place the proper information into /etc/fstab, save the file, and then unmount the file system on the disk. To remount it, if your /etc/fstab configuration is done correctly, you should only have to type mount /mount/point with the proper privileges (sudo or root).

Double-check that your external drive is actually /dev/sda - that's almost always the drive from which you're booting Fedora, so given your description of your system, I'd expect your external disk to be /dev/sdb.