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I assume here that the C:\ partition is /dev/sda5 , because of the size (450.7G) . If you want to decrease the size of this partition, you can do it easily with gparted. Install gparted , it's an easy to use and powerful GUI tool for managing partitions/disks..etc.


as you said you want to increase the size of Fedora's /home/ (your /home) partition, you must use a Live media in order to do this. You cannot manipulate mounted partitions and when you are logged into Fedora the /home/ partition is mounted. So, you have to use a Live media (CD/DVD/USB) boot from there, and the /home partition will be unmounted, thus you can manipulate it with gparted.

Gparted is not included at live media, so install it there as well.

Pay attention now

Gparted has a feature where it can preview all the operations before you actually apply them. This is very handy and you can see what you will do, before actually do it.

  • Resize /dev/sda5
  • Delete the partition that will result from the resizing and leave it unallocated
  • See if you can merge this unallocated space, means to expand the /dev/sda13 partition, which is your /home
  • If and only if you can do all these actions without problems, then hit the apply button