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You can install some admin tools:

yum install system-config-*

There are others, of course - some that are not specific to Fedora. If you use a package manager, you might find a whole section devoted to them (depends on your package manager, of course).

YAST, IIRC, always came with its own issues - the biggest being that it didn't update the real config directly, but stored settings in an intermediate file and recreated the whole config each time you changed anything. That was great unless you came from another distribution and knew what you were doing so made config changes yourself... then got them overwritten by the poor YAST tool. It was the biggest single factor that -really- annoyed me about any Linux distribution. I've not touched SuSE since.

Central admin tools are great, but understanding the configurations that they write can really help you - knowing how to do stuff longhand with vim will make you more powerful at the Linux keyboard.