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As of Fedora 19 you do not need the portion of your guide that has you edit ~/.vnc/xstartup just leave that alone, nor do you need to change the type from fork to single or add the -fg option in the vncserver@:*.service files. Without those changes, tigervnc-server will work using the plain Gnome desktop, and without some behavioural problems that the type=single and -fg you needed in Fedora 18 gave you.

To then make it use Cinnamon, all you have to do is create an executable bash script file named ~/.Xclients that contains the two lines

exec /usr/bin/cinnamon-session

The program cinnamon-session is new in Fedora 19. The standard ~/.vnc/xstartup script uses the ~/.Xclients script if it exists instead of the default call to gnome-session.