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Thanks for the answers and comments. Actually there is 0% chance to add / remove / exchange hard disk for my situation. So, I don't worry about device name getting changed after reconfiguration.

I'm making a small USB based installer which is booting by itself and preparing hard disk partitions and formatting. And I am copying the root file system which is created on my build server to another computer which is being configured by the USB based installer.

In this case, I need to copy the Kernel image and initramfs image to the computer which is prepared by USB installer. But since the initramfs has been prepared from the build server which is not the computer actually running the kernel and initramfs, the UUID information which initramfs has and UUIDs which are from actual hard disk of the computer which will run the kernel and initramfs are mismatched and boot does not proceed. And finally it dropped to the Dracut prompt.

I think if I don't use the UUID scheme at all, this mismatch will not happen. Do you think it is wrong understanding? If so, please correct me.

And that's why modifying the /etc/fstab using the actual disk name does not help.