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There are several potential causes of this that I can think of. Here are some of my suggestions...

Did you power off your computer when you went to bed? It's quite common for the /tmp directory to be set up as a tempfs, i.e. a ramdisk, and it's also possible for your browser to default to downloading into the /tmp directory.

Did you do the download as a different user? Perhaps you used wget from a command session as an admin user and so the files aren't in your home or root's home directory? Or were you ssh'd into another computer while you were doing the download/configure?

Do you have more than one computer on your desktop, perhaps you were doing this on a terminal on the machine you were going to install to and now you're back on your main desktop? I have a couple PCs on my desk here, and sometimes you just turn on the monitor, select the wrong input source, and go ahead and merrily update configuration files on completely the wrong machine...

Were you doing this on a liveCD version of your operating system? This could cause all sorts of things to be lost when you shut down.