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Did you install Fedora in UEFI mode? Fedora installation and live CD or DVDs can be booted either in legacy mode or in UEFI mode (on hardware that supports it). If you boot the Fedora media in legacy mode then it will install that way, and the GRUB menu will not be UEFI aware, so no easy dual-boot with Windows. To test this, when you are running your Fedora installation, see if there is anything listed as follows:

ls /sys/firmware/efi/vars/

If there are entries in that directory, then you are running Fedora in EFI mode; if not, then your don't have a UEFI Fedora installation.

From Fedora running in UEFI mode (either your installed system as confirmed above, or a Live DVD booted explicitly in UEFI mode) you can use the "efibootmgr" command to add/remove entries from the computer's UEFI menu.