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First off, Fedora keeps the three most recent kernels by default, so that if the newest one isn't working, you have two backups that are known to be good. It's OK to remove them, but most of the time they're not a problem.

Second, as long as all goes as expected, you'll get a new kmod-nvidia along with the new kernel. If not, simply keep using the old kernel (See, there's a reason to keep it.) until the kmod's ready, usually within a day. Unlike using the binary blob directly from nVidia, it's mostly "fire and forget."

Last, I'd suggest using yum to install bleachbit, which will clean out a lot of cruft from your home folder. The first time you run it, it will ask if you want to install a version that runs as Administrator. Let it download the file for you and follow the install instructions because that version can clean out lots of stuff that requires root access.

Hope this gives you what you need to get started, and don't hesitate to come back if/when you need more answers.