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This is a fix I got from another source at linux forums. Thought posting it would help others in the same peril.

Use the install dvd to boot into "rescue mode" -- the instructions are on the screen if you boot with the dvd in the computer just fallow them

then after you run this command ( the last step in booting in rescue)

" chroot /dev/sysimage " ( you are prompted to do that from the on screen directions )

type in the following and then hit "enter", wait till it is done

Code: for p in $(rpm -qa); do rpm --setperms $p; done

then the following script

Code: for p in $(rpm -qa); do rpm --setugids $p; done

that should reset MOST THINGS but NOT ALL

your home folder will not fully be reset

you will need to make a new user and delete the old user account

even then you might have some SELinux issues, a yellow star will pop up that is "SELinuxTroubleShooter "

follow the "fix" at the bottom of the error massages , you might have a more than just a few errors

As Fedora 16 expires in about two weeks, try installing Fedora 18