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Did you use LUKS, which encrypts the entire partition? Or did you use eCryptfs, which encrypts individual files?

If you used LUKS to encrypt the /home partition, follow these steps.

  1. Boot into Fedora normally
  2. Backup the encrypted files using tar or rsync. You might even want to use both methods (i.e., create 2 backups) just to be safe.
  3. Boot to a Live OS (CD, DVD or USB key)

All of the following should be done from the Live OS

  1. Delete the encrypted partition
  2. Create a new partition, and format it
  3. Restore your backup into the new partition
  4. Delete/rename /etc/crypttab
  5. Modify fstab to reflect the new setup

    a. The /dev/mapper entries need to be removed.

    b. UUIDs may need to be changed

6) Reboot.

Since you restored all of the files, you will not need to reinstall the OS.

NOTE: technically, the above could also be used if you installed Linux into a single, encrypted partition. However, I have not had any luck getting tar to backup an entire Linux OS - it complains about some system files, then aborts.