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once a new fedora release is out it can be unstable for some time. but after a while it is rockstable and way better than any other distro out there.. but usually some time later support will end and then you are stuck with an unsuported release.

sure, there is always PreUpgrade but most of the time it will leave you with a lot of headaches to solve like worstcase scenarios where your system wont boot or failing graphics...

seen it happen too many times... and ofcourse it can be solved but for an average user it usualy is just a little to hard to tackle and the reason to leave fedora for what it is and return to whatever OS they were running before..

so I agree, a REAL LTS fedora release is very welcome.

and NO, rhel/centos 6 is not the solution although it IS very very stable it just doesn't have the plethora of packages and drivers a desktop user would need and the packages that are there lag behind by version compared to fedora by years.

however, this could change if rpmfusion would fully support centos/rhel instead of having to add several different repo's like epel, elrepo, atrpms and fiddling with priorities.