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Alrighty then, Wishing to dual boot on my HP Dv7 laptop. So shrunk partitions, and deleted a 2nd partition I had. from win7 64x (my one physical drive) (% is free)

vol "" simple dynamic RAW Healty 220.10 GB 100%

hptools E: simple dynamic FAT32 Healthy 99 MB 85%

Recovery D: simple dynamic NTFS Healthy 3.38 GB 15%

System simple dynamic NTFS Healthy(System) 199MB 83%

System(C:) Simple dynamic NTFS (Boot, Page File, Crash Dump) 222.20 GB 29%

So thinking that first unnamed volume would be thought of as unused space, and clicking use unused space would create a linux partition out of such. Fedora 17 install sees:


sd1 0 Unknown

sd2 199 ntfs

sd3 227537 ntfs

sda4 249202 Unknown

Free 1

about to try to edit the sda4 (kinda scary as wow, shouldn't it already use the raw space? it's bigger of the partitions, isn't that the one being used by my windows and all my other work is on? yada yada yada)