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First of all you must have clean disk. So backup your data and start a clean installation.

Select Create Custom Layout and delete all the partitions in all your disk.

I will create a RAID10 partition of 500 MB for /boot, and the rest for / in another RAID10.

In the disk 1 create a RAID Partition of 500 MB, create the same partition in the others 3 disk. You will have 4 partitions of type RAID, one in each of your disk.

Next, create another RAID Partition in disk 1, selecting all the remaining space. Do the same for the others 3 disks. Be sure to enter manually the remaining space. The partition must be Fixed Size

After disk, each of your disk will have 2 partitions of RAID type.

Now is the time to create a RAID filesystem.

Create and select RAID Device

  • Mount point will be /boot
  • Filesystem ext4
  • RAID device, you can leave this untouched
  • RAID Level, select RAID10
  • RAID members, check all the 500 MB partition. 4 partitions, 1 in each disk

Repeat the process for you / partition, selecting the other 4 partitions.

Save and you are ready to go.

If you get the following message: Only RAID0 arrays can contain growable members, you must recreate your RAID partition with Fixed Size.