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Something is definitely wrong with your system, it may be a bug or some misconfiguration but we certainly need more information to help you troubleshoot your system. I have to say that I am not familiar with KDE. However, let's try to do some basic troubleshooting here.

0a.) Does your system behave like that no matter what kernel you boot. Sometimes there is a kernel regression and the newest kernel won't behave as expected. Try to boot an older kernel from grub and see what happens.

0b.) Is your system up-to-date? Run sudo dnf upgrade -y --refresh to get the latest updates.

1.) You say it takes long to boot your computer and load your user profile. For that, run the following commands from a command line to check what is actually taking so long: systemd-analyze critical-chain and systemd-analyze blame

2.) Also, make sure you have enough RAM available: free -h

3.) If you suspect that your CPU is under too much load, run htop and find out what processes are keeping it busy.

4.) Finally, check that your (root) file system has enough space for system to work: df -h

If all this does not point to anything suspicious, take a look at the system logs: journalctl -b, and kernel-related messages journalctl -k -b. There is also dmesg: dmesg | grep failed could be useful.

Check all this and get back to us! If you want you can install another Desktop Environment on top of your Fedora system and see how that turns out. (