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Thank you for your answer BigDuck but unfortunately it did not resolve the issue. No matter what option I choose I got a complete black screen and my keyboard is frozen. The only available option is power it off.

The motherboard is an ASUS H81M-K with Intel Celeron G1830 @ 2.8GHZ and 8GB RAM. By pressing F2 during post I got the UEFI BIOS utility menu Ver 0304.

Using your information I tried to add the nomodeset parameter by pressing "e" and adding the command. I have added pictures here, since I cannot copy the data.

I also added the parameter under /etc/default/grub file and this made also no difference (see picture). To do this I boot using my old Fedora 25 USB and access the disks as root with no trouble, but it did not help.

I have a cluncky backup of my PLEX mediaserver, and all my media is safe on a separate disk. I could wipe everything and build it from scratch, but I would hate having to recreate all the profiles for my videos. Even though I still have them, I would love not to have to redo this, it is very time consuming, in case I cannot reconstruct my plex server with my crappy backup.

So what could be going wrong? Not sure it is a video issue, as the server freezes hard. Any other ideas, or am I applying your fix incorrectly? Please take a look in my pictures (4 pictures on my Shared read-only google drive link below) if you can and let me know what could be done?

Thank you again!