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Likely you want to close this question, because it has become obsolete for Fedora 22. Here are some ideas to get faster and better feedback, in case similar questions come up in the future.

A good way to track down compatibility issues is to run the LiveCD. Possibly you did that. Please say so, if true. The LiveCD also provides some ways to debug an already installed system. You should also mention, if it ever booted since the initial installation. As you tried several kernels, we can guess you had it running for some time already in the past. Did you do something particular (approve software/kernel/driver updates) before the first crash happened?

The BOOT_IMAGE instruction is not an error report, but a typical list of boot parameters. You may want to remove rhgb (RedHat graphical boot) and quiet to get more insight into the boot process (and the relevant warnings or error messages).