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I ran " sudo dnf provides */Linux.BtcMine.174ee " No hits. But... snapd could be it... But no. Kismet most likely, because it will no longer load... after Comodo identified it, cleaned it, and removed it's directories. Kismet not installed from repo -ofcourse- Bye Kismet!

I was probably not too affected, since my box is a laptop and not a server, but I got a heads-up on the malware from a company I used to work for. Since I hate malware on my computer I run GNU/Linux on 3 out of 4 laptops ;) Hence I checked. I just don't like other ppl using my computer. Whithout my knowledge.

Just a huge wakeup-call for me, who was more or less relaxed about malware on GNU/Linux, this one got me! Big time. Anyway, thanks for tips and help. And good hunting, stay safe.