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Hi, the other way around would seem more secure (Fedora as the on-line system) ;)

Anyway, you can use e.g. VirtualBox on Windows to create a Virtual Machine with Fedora 27 x64, and there run dnf install libxml2-devel --downloadonly --downloaddir=/some/path. That way dnf will download (not install) the package(s) you need, and any required dependencies, into selected directory.

After copying downloaded rpm files to the off-line system run there dnf install /path/to/downloaded/files/* --disablerepo=* to install them. --disablerepo=* will make sure dnf doesn't fail because of no access to on-line repositories. You can also use dnf install * --disablerepo=* if you've already navigated terminal to the proper directory.

You can reuse this VM to download updates (dnf update --downloadonly --downloaddir=/some/path) or any other required packages (emacs, gedit or anything else available in Fedora). Just make sure you install same packages on both systems. Keep in mind that in the beginning of December Fedora 27 will reach EndOfLife and stop receiving any new updates.