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You said you had already set up a partition for Fedora 29 to live in, you are concerned that it will take harddrive space unallocated. The question is have you tried running Linux before? If you have then you know that Fedora and Arch and the like aren't the easiest to deal with, but Fedora has gotten much better to install than in the past. If you haven't ever run Linux before might I suggest wading in gently before you dive into the deep end. I dove in the deep end in 1999 and thought I was going to drown coming from Windows 98. Linux has come a long was since then as far as graphical installers are concerned and ease of use. I can testify to that I have some senior friends using Linux. There is always the chance things can an do go wrong during an install to dual boot. You might want to try a live image first: I cannot emphasize enough to back up your data on an external drive!!! Here is an article on how to dual boot with older versions of different Linux OS and windows 7, the principle is the same: I love Fedora and would not ever push anyone away, but if you are new to Linux and want to dual boot then I suggest one of the Ubuntu flavors and the install will look like this: You can also install a virtual box and run Fedora on that. This brings us back to the original question how familiar with running Linux are you? If you are familiar then I can suggest one way, if your not I will suggest a different way. Be well