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This problem existed in F15 as well, and still continues to exist in F16. It has to do with the X system as far as I can figure, as VLC does not sucesfully disengage the ScreenSaver system. My issue is that VLC blames Fedora (And apparantly rightly so, as it seems to work on pretty much any other distro), whereas Fedora finds it easier to blame VLC. I find it hard to imagine that such a common bug that has been known to exist since F14 already has not yet been adressed. Various workarounds exist but none cater to my requirements. I use VLC because of it's simple interface, allowing multiple instances and the fact that it plays everything. I want my PC to automatically engage sleep once a movie has finished playing because I use it in my bedroom as an entertainment system when I go to bed and mostly fall asleep while watching movies. Totem does not offer multiple instances and mplayer has the same interface as PowerDVD (Which I hate). At some stage someone should stop looking to place the blame (Which I suspect does lie with VLC and the way it completely fails to call the function correctly)